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Have you ever read a fairy tale, and wished it was a little darker? Maybe a little bit more, I don't know, gritty? Passionate? Dare I say...not so Disney? 


It could be I just have a very dark imagination, but my princes aren't perfect. Not in the traditional sense at least. They're fighters and they're thieves; some make deals with the devil and some are devilish and some are alone with twelve dancing wives and not a single one to love. There are dainty fainting princesses, and princesses who know how to hold a sword better than most princes, and maybe a few princesses who aren't princesses at all. Witches, queens, evil and good, I wanted to tread the boundaries between myth and fantasy. Sometimes right is wrong and wrong is the only way to survive. 


Take the journey with me. Maybe Cinderella doesn't deserve a prince. Or perhaps Rumpelstiltskin had no other choice a long, long time ago, or is it just once upon that time...​

Andi Lawrnecovna writing as 

Faith Reinhart


In the Courtroom, he rules. As far as defense attorneys go, Logan Reese is at the top of his game, and everyone wants to have him on their side.

In the bedroom, well, that's another story entirely, especially when he asks his coworker out for drinks and dancing, and ends up biting off more than he can handle. 

Or maybe it's exactly what he can handle, and he's just always needed to let someone else take the reins. 

And once Sasha takes control, she doesn't let go...


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Penned Con 2019


Don't miss out on Penned Con! It is going to be an epic event and I can't wait to see everyone all there!

St. Louis, MO




Andi Lawrencovna lives in Northeast Ohio where she was born and raised. She has spent nearly her entire life in the same area, minus the semester she spent studying abroad in England. Though she has not gone back recently, her lifelong goal is to open a pub in one of the small little towns in the Cotswold's and shear sheep in the backyard during the slow hours of the day. Or, barring that, write about a pub keep with sheep who gets abducted by trolls or enspelled by a siren. Either path works for her. 


She recently finished her MFA in creative writing from a low residency program out of state. Her mad-schemes of world pub domination currently are on the back burner while she endeavors to pass on her love of literature and writing to local area writers groups and panels. 


For more information on Ms. Lawrencovna please check out her FAQs page or feel free to CONTACT her with any questions. 


—  Snoopyreviewer

"[Charming] was a great twist on the Cinderella theme that I won’t soon forget. This is Kit and Eli's story. It’s full of action, magick and a little romance. Dig into the series and enjoy this epic tale of love and sacrifice!!!"





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