Ella de L'Avigne

The Assassin

Once upon a time, she was considered the Queen of Assassins. In the Darkness of the Woods, where shadows converged into being, she was born, and bred, and became one with the Night. She was feared, even by her own people, but she never faltered from her path. Until Him. The Prince of the Ball, who was to fall by her hand—saved instead. She knew what it would mean to her people to spare him, she did not know what it would mean to the rest of her World...


Christophe de L'Avigne

The Prince

There was a prophecy, made when he was born, that if he should die before his Five Hundredth and Eighteenth year, the walls of his Kingdom would Fall. It was an arbitrary prophecy, but one no one failed to take it to heart. Throughout his life, he was hunted. Men and women came from around the world trying to kill him. One nearly succeeded. He did not know what stopped her hand. If she’d asked, he would not have hesitated to give her his heart...


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