So Sweet


Amarice Navaro 

The Beauty

Nothing is supposed to happen to Seamstresses in the stories. They live unexciting lives, facing nothing more dangerous than the pricking of a finger on the spindle of a wheel. That’s what she always believed about herself, no matter the few dreams that might have wished for something more. She knew better than to wish to be part of a grand adventure, because nothing ever good ever came from embarking on one. She was right. With the world resting in the tip of her needle, she cannot choose any path but to travel into the woods towards the beast that calls it home...


Eryn has Orfanan

The Beast

He always believed that he could save his family. In knowing what was to come, surely he could change the future to suit his needs? But the future wasn’t to be denied, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not move his family from the path they had chosen to tread. He could walk beside them, or stand opponent before them; he could not stand aside. He should have known they would not hesitate to strike at him same as any other. He should have known he was little more challenge than anyone else. But he’d had to try. And now another would be called to the stand, but he doubted they would fare any better.


Onon has Orfanan

The Prince

Considered the weakest of his brothers, he spent his life struggling to prove his worth and earn his father’s respect. He became the most cunning, the most observant, the one who was most worthy of recognition - denied time and again. Nothing he did was enough, until doing anything at all served only to diminish him among his brothers, considered one of them  only because he stood beside them and never raised a hand against. No more. His time was not coming...It was Here.


So Sweet

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